A lot to Digest If You Don’t Have the Guts

The best advice I can give you as a mother is to go with your gut. I believe moms have an inborn instinct, and often you can actually feel the muscles in the pit of your stomach tighten when you are about to make a wrong decision and ignore your “gut feelings.” I’m not saying that you shouldn’t weigh up the pros and cons of a decision. You should ferret out all of the knowledge you can. I know, it’s a lot to digest.

Trust your instinct. Come on, you know if your child is lying.

Your gut is talking to you all the time. I think of my gut as my friend. Real friends don’t get offended if you insult them. My gut says: “Hello there, you MORON,” and that usually gets my attention. And then my gut continues: “Sending a child with asthma to a college in upstate New York during the dead of winter is about as smart as bringing a kid in a candy store who already has 10 cavities.”

You’re setting that child up to fail and you’ll be reaching for the Tums. In our modern world, we rely too much on experts and forget about mothers and their intuition. It’s a sixth sense. Other amazing mom skills include: Butt wiper, monster slayer, tantrum tamer, miracle worker, chief bottle washer, and worrywart wizard. Now chew on that for a while.