Hairdresser Gives Birth to Baby with Bouffant Hair Who Is Mane Attraction

There is a baby who has become an internet sensation because of his hair. Junior Cox-Noon from Brighton, England was born with a full head of hair. His mum is a hairdresser which comes in handy since he has so much hair that he needs to have it blow-dried. The Daily Mail Online in England is reporting that it takes his mother two hours to food shop because so many people stop to comment about her son’s amazing locks. Meet little Junior nicknamed “Baby Bear” by his mom Chelsea Noon.

There is an old wives’ tale that says the stronger the heartburn during pregnancy the more hair a baby will have. The Daily Mail says Chelsea suffered from heartburn during her pregnancy with Junior.  He is now two months old and his mother says none of his hair has fallen out.


A  Johns Hopkins study found that there is actually a correlation between how severe a pregnant woman’s heartburn is and the amount of hair her baby will have.   So if hairy heads run in your family, you better load up on the Tums.

pool-1593845_640Another study conducted by Over the Hill Mom found a connection between playing pool when you’re pregnant and having a baby who is bald as a cue ball.